Movie Critique: Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Recently, I got to revisit my childhood by watching Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.  As a child, I laughed a few times, but overall, the movie was slightly ho-hum.  Recalling it in a reviewing, all I can say about my younger self is that I was a stupid kid.  Watching this movie as an adult made me question the integrity of the filmmakers.

Basically, Disney studios mashed together Lewis Carroll‘s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass into an hour-ish-long acid trip of freaky-looking characters you’d only see in your nightmares.  Examples include:


The Cheshire Cat,


The Mad Hatter,


The Queen of Hearts, and


Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
(My sister particularly hated these two.)

Logically speaking, these character portrayal choices somewhat fit the original story of nonsense and mind-job-ness Carroll wanted to write, but this is Disney, where people fall in love and don’t depict drug abuse.

Seriously, this guy is smoking a hookah.  What kind of child-friendly material is that?

Seriously, this guy is smoking a hookah. What kind of child-friendly material is that?

Not only that, Alice, the supposed heroine (who might just be on heroine), gives herself good advice to avoid these extremely suggestive, possibly endangering situations, but lo and behold, she goes against intuition and gives into curiosity and temptation.  Role model, you are not, Alice.  And such a crybaby as well.

50% of the movie was just this, over and over.

50% of the movie was just this, over and over.

There’s also a lot of sexual innuendos that are prevalent in these pre-2000 Disney movies, but you can figure those out for yourself.


Story: Moderately good adaptation, mashing two classics for an hour-long movie is a little tight, could’ve used some expansion.

Acting: Voicing was excellent and believable.  Then again, I’m just recalling childhood memories.

Cinematography: C’mon, Disney.  Giving kids nightmares and bad influences make you lower than a snake’s belly.

Score: Only watch this if you’re feeling nostalgic or high.  Or if you want to psychologically discipline/traumatize your kids.

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  1. jimun

    Haha interesting – Alice in the Wonderland was one of the Disney movies that liked/understood -_- haha others being Fox and Hound, Bambi, Robin Hood (fox). But I love the original Fantasia!!

  2. “I give myself some very good advice, but I very seldom follow it”

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